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These apricot energy balls are so yum!

So almonds and apricots…what the heck can I stimulate with that? The first thing that sounded into my mind was vitality dances. Easy-peasy and almost always a no-fail start. Toss the almonds and apricots into a food processor with a pair other ingredients and call it a day.

The easiest teachings ever award goes to: Energy Balls! There’s exclusively one major step: offensive in the food processor until all ingredients are completely incorporated. There’s a duo other simple paces like wheeling them into chunks and dipping them into other luscious ingredients but the essential points is over. I cleared these little discuss in just a few minutes and then I was left with some big decisions.

Apricot Energy Bites Apricot Energy Bites

Do I flatten them into bullets and leave them as they are? Or do I shield them in another ingredient, like coconut snowflakes? Ah, so many choices but Daniel hates coconut so I prevented reckoning. Then I remembered that he desires sesame grains. So I spew it. Half coconut and half sesame seeds because I they aren’t all for Daniel and I have a very deep beloved for coconut. I went half of the vigor balls in desiccated coconut( for me of course) and the other half in sesame grains( for him ). One of my favorite things about obligating fresh energy chews are all the options.

Apricot Energy Bites Apricot Energy Bites

These privately healthful apricot force bites turned out to be a complete success and Daniel has a brand-new concluded adoration for exertion burns because he scarfed these ones down so speedy I had to make another quantity for him to snack on in all regions of the week. I’m looking for offsetting different flavored gnaws with the added hurdle of trying to create one that Daniel will also enjoy.

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