Three simple ingredients spawn the freshest Lara Bars you’ve ever savor! Mix these up in the food processor for a speedy, energy-dense snack you can take along to parks and play dates.

homemade lara bars

Our kids desire Lara Bars. And we do too! Of the panoply of packed tables you find in the snack alley, Lara Bars are one of the few that fastens to a super-simple, whole-foods parts directory. This, and the fact that they’re soft, sugary, and savory, wins them a locate in our snack board( and in the purses of countless a health-conscious mommy .)

Of course, “theres only” a matter of time before we felt the rub to build Lara Bars in our kitchen issues. With such a short, accessible part listing, how could we not!

The results are delicious: soft, chewy, and fresher than any rail you’ve had out of a carton. They’re too nearly as easy to pack in a lunchbox or snack casket for the park. So let’s do this! Haul out that trusty food processor and conclude some Lara Bars with us.

soft homemade lara bars with dates and nuts How to Make Homemade Lara Bars

The basic Lara Bar formula vanishes like this: nuts for protein and crunch, and years to honey and bind. To originate these Lara Bars, we decide to walnuts, because walnuts are rich in healthy mono-saturated flabs, and they perceive immense. But this recipe is improbably versatile.

See, times are reaaaalllly sticky and good at binding. So you are able to prostrate just about any seed, seed, or combination of the two into these saloons, and you’ll still perform wizard.( Just make sure you keep the ratio of nuts and grains to dates rather comparable to the original recipe .)

Here got a few other add-ins you can use in place of, or in addition to, the walnuts 😛 TAGEND

Almonds Peanuts Sunflower seeds( budget-friendly, and also school-safe) Chia grains Cashews Pumpkin seeds

You don’t need to drenched the years to see Lara Bars; in fact, immersing the appointments will diminish the shelf-life of the bars. We like Medjool dates best for this recipe, because they’re naturally soft.

First, grind the seeds in the food processor. Then add the pitted appointments and process a little more, until you get a ball of “dough.” Finally, mold the bars by hand. We stirred rectangles to remind us of the store-bought forbids. If you’d like Pinterest-style disallows with smoother advantages and regions, you can use a workbench scraper or a spear to shape them. We’ll respect you either way, promise.

homemade lara bars with bite taken out homemade lara bars on parchment paper

Enjoy! And take a peek at our other date-sweetened snacks, like Homemade Cherry Pie Larabars, Healthy No Bake Date Bars, and Cashew-Date Energy Bars .

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