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My name is Alana. I’m 31 years old and I live in Canada. In December I had my first progeny. During my pregnancy, I munch anything and everything I missed. Less than 24 hours before giving birth, I weighed myself. I was 278 pounds( 126 kilos ). I knew there was no way their own children weighed 100 pounds( 45 kilos) so it was clear I gained a lot of weight in nine months. Five weeks after she was born I weighed myself again. I simply went down to 254 pounds( 115 kilos ). I was so upset with myself for get so big-hearted. I had enough. I used to be so fit and happy, ever feeling good but I was now struggling with the facts of the case I had told myself get this big. February third, 2019 I started the…[ Read More …]

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