Pizza Hut has introduced a brand new vegan menu boasting five luscious pizzas, features and a mouth-watering dessert.

pizza hut vegan menu

Pizza Hut recently introduced a vegan pizza to its menu in 253 Pizza Hut Eatery from all the regions of the UK, which speedily became a permanent fixture on the menu after sales of the pizza doubled the target set by the company.

Following on from the successful opening of the vegan pizza, the high-street restaurant and takeaway have introduced a brand new dedicated vegan menu, including a savory dessert!

The new menu options include the Vegan’ Jack’ n’ Ch ** se’ Pizza which was introduced as a trial during Veganuary this year and peculiarity a tomato cornerstone with Violife’s award-winning non-dairy cheese alternative, sweetcorn, ruby-red onions, peppers and BBQ Jackfruit with a BBQ drizzle.

If you’re feeling self-righteous then check out the Vegan Virtuous Veg pizza surpassed with cheese, spinach, mixed seasonings, red-faced onions, sprouts& cherry-red tomatoes surpassed with projectile. There’s also a Margherita for those who prefer to keep it simple.

Next up is the Veggie Vegan pizza which is loaded with cheese, spinach, sweetcorn, mixed spices, ruby-red onions and mushrooms. And for those who like it red-hot, there’s the Vegan Hot’ N’ Spicy Veg which comes with cheese, seasonings, jalapenos, blood-red onions, flare cooked seasonings& onions and Hut House seasoning.

Vegans can also pick up a place of baked’ Jack’ N’ Rolls’ moves filled with sugared chilli, BBQ jackfruit and vegan cheese to accompany their pizza.

To is finished your dinner, Pizza Hut is offering up Cinnamon Bites which come covered with cinnamon carbohydrate and drizzled with icing for a savory sweetened treat.

The full menu can be viewed at restaurants/ nutrient/ vegan-menu /~ ATAGEND

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