Pure pleasure in a glass! This delicious healthful banoffee pie dessert is made at in under ten minutes, have few parts and is simply a illusion, peculiarly if you affection the salty-sweet combo OR banofee pie. As a bonus it is jam-pack with health nutrients.

I LOVE the mix of salt and sweet! I time can’t get enough of it. So when the norwegian state magazine “Shape Up” wanted to make an section of me and on my favourite health snack, that is something that I came up with; A healthy banoffee tart recipe!

It was easy: I love bananas, I love peanuts, I Adoration chocolate and I cherish a milky quality. In addition to that my go to dessert when I lived in London and New York was Banoffee Pie. So this healthy dessert is like a dessert and salty health banoffee pasty, sufficed in a glass. And I must say; It is one of “the worlds largest” luscious dessert I have ever realise. YUM!

healthy banana chocolate dessert

This healthy banoffee pie dessert served in a glass contains loads of healthy nutrients. Potassium from the bananas, healthy unsaturated solids and vitamin A from the avocado( yes, it contais avocado, but none of my guests predicted it !). Else it is only natural and unrefined ingredients. But the healthiness comes as a bonus( as in all of my other recipes ), it is the delicacy of this delicious healthy banoffee pasty dessert that is the TOP 1 reason to make it this weekend!

Healthy banoffee tart dessert- sweetened and salty

Pure pleasure in a glass! This delicious healthy banoffee pie dessert is made at in under ten minutes, have few ingredients and is simply a fantasy, extremely if you love the salty-sweet combo OR banoffee pie. As a bonus it is bundled with healthful nutrients.

4 functions


Cream cheese filling

3 decilitres quark or greek yoghurt( natural or vanilla)

200 grams low- fatty ointment cheese

1 vanilla bean, pod

3 tablespoons Acacia honey

Chocolate Cream:

2 avocados, ripe

2 tablespoons cocoa( preferably raw)

3 tablespoons honey

Acacie 1 pinch salt

2 bananas, ripe

1 cup peanuts, salty


Mix all ingredients for cheese cream with a scoot. Mash avocado coarsely and mingle the cocoa, sugar and salt with a hand blender or food processor. Chop bananas into thick-skulled slice( about 0.5 -1 cm) Includes coatings of salt-cured peanuts, bananas, chocolate paste and paste cheese filling in tiny glass. Finish with bananas and salted peanuts on top. Experience right away, or is penalty in the refrigerator 1-2 days.

Tip! Increase the fiber in the dessert by computing psyllium husk in the ointment cheese to make it somewhat thicker, approx 1/2 -1 tsp.

I wish you all a great weekend!

Ps. This healthy banoffee pie dessert is dedicated to my friend and talented, up- and coming photographer, Eva Stensland, which graduates Photography school today. Congratulations, I wish you all the very best!

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