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Leonie had been following the dietary guiding principles and her educator’s admonition for character 1 diabetes for 25 times when new ideas punched her. Her carb loading before exercise did no longer make sense to her, then why not try a low-carb nutrition? This is Leonie’s extremely provoking travel:

I turn 65 this year and have had character 1 diabetes for 35 years. For the last 20 years, I’ve been toy competitive( pennant and social) racquetball. I was a meticulous, fit, healthy and well-managed diabetic who religiously followed the dietary guiding principles and my educator’s opinion, until about ten years ago( 2009 ). The dietary recommendations included carbohydrate loading before effort but 10 years ago, I started to question the logic of “ve had to” insulin loading before usage. Doing this meant I risked croaking hypoglycaemic( low-pitched sugar) when I started frisking racquetball because I still had active insulin onboard. To avoid this situation, I needed to eat at least three hours earlier than my matches, which…[ Read More …]

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