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323 viewsThe debate wages. Is a calorie just a calorie? Or is there something exclusively hazardous about fructose and carbohydrate calories? To anyone who has suffered the best interests of the a low-spirited carb life-style, the practical ask is obvious. But asking that question on a global scale and concluding meaningful changes to improve the health of millions of people is much more complex. That’s where Dr. Robert Lustig comes in. As a pediatric endocrinologist who is now forearmed with a regulation measure, Dr. Lustig has made it his mission to fight our health crisis on the legal and policy figurehead. It won’t is very easy, but after this interview, I for one was glad to see that he is the one contributing service charges. Transcript Dr. Bret Scher: Welcome to the DietDoctor podcast with Dr. Bret Scher. Today is my pleasure to be joined by Dr. Robert Lustig. Dr. Lustig is a pediatric endocrinologist recently retired from clinical pattern at UCSF but still very active in research and now even having gone to get a…[ Read More …]

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