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What is the optimal rapidly frequency? Can you fast with low-grade blood pressure? Is type 2 diabetes caused by overweight plugging the pancreas or via high insulin stages in blood? And, can a low-spirited metabolic rate be reversed? It’s duration for this week’s Q& A about periodic fasting and low carb with Dr. Jason Fung: Fast frequency I’ve concluded through many of your commodities and videos that the 24 -hour fast can be performed daily( Warrior Diet ). I’ve also learnt the “mixing up” the length of quicklies is good so that their own bodies doesn’t adapt. My question is on what frequency are three-day and seven-day quicklies acceptable? For precedent, one 7-day fast per month and three 3-day fasts per month, 24 -hour fasts the remainder? If you’re in general good health, a of pair weeks into the keto diet, 40 pounds( 18 kilos) overweight having lost 20 pounds( 9 kilos) once? Mark That’s a great question, but one with no easy refute. It all depends upon the person. It depends upon the specific…[ Read More …]

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