Have you ever had to quit a good application project…because you figured out you weren’t going to be successful in your character?

I had the opportunity to help two consulting corporations try and rescue a uneasy software projection for a client.

Though I was originally brought in to assistant figure out how much work was left to do, I acquired myself in the responsibilities of being “the expert” once again.

Because of politics, deadlines, and challenges with the maturity of the companies understanding agile – I located myself overwhelmed.

Though I repeatedly tried to reset expectancies and get help, I decided eventually that it was better to move on.

The project was beginning to burn me out, and I was obligating unhealthy lifestyle alternatives like more caffeine, and having sleep troubles because of the unsustainable workload.

Have you ever been on a good campaign, with good people, only to spot when you really think about it you’re not effective in your current persona?

Did you have a hard time going assist from managers to do the changes necessary?

How did you deal with it?

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