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Antonietta was severely overweight with lots of different state issues and was on a long index of drugs to get through her daytimes. After medical doctors had recommended surgery for her back problems, she knew the real solution was to lose weight. She started watching a teach that recommended the keto diet for optimal weight loss. This is Antonietta’s story:

I am currently 48 years of age and began keto in 2015 and in 2017 almost two years later, I had lost a total of 150 pounds( 68 kilos ). I have maintained my 150 -pound-loss as of today … I absolutely affection the keto lifestyle and will never look back. It has been a true-blue lifeguard for me. I was 321( 146 kilos) when I began my excursion to a healthier life. From 236 to 236 pounds( 107 -1 46 kilos) I had tried over five different trainers, and ever incorporated a low-fat low-calorie diet , none of which worked until I contacted out to my coach Jill Murphy at Mission Fitness. She not only incorporated a physical workout platform but also…[ Read More …]

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Antonietta lost 150 pounds on the keto diet was initially announced by Ketogenic Diet