New York Phenomenon, Burger Village, Expands to West Coast

Leading Organic Burger Franchise Goes Bi-Coastal with Five New CA Locations

New York Phenomenon, Burger Village, Expands to West CoastNew York, NY( Burger Village, the New York-based chain with full-service eateries in Great Neck and Hicksville, Long Island, and Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, and a blueprint for QSR sites in Farmingdale, Long Island, and downtown Brooklyn, New York has just ratified a multi-unit franchise agreement in California. Known for its health take over America’s favorite nutrient: the hamburger, Burger Village, and its organic, all-natural, antibiotics and hormone free menu, will open a full-service diner in San Luis Obispo, California in Spring 2019. Four added immediate service points are planned for Dublin, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Palo Alto afterwards in the year. Dealerships are scalable and available as both full-service or speedy busines diner formats.

“California is a natural expansion for the Burger Village brand, ” says Nick Yadav, one four brothers who propelled Burger Village in 2013. “The same health and hectic lifestyle found in New York is epitomized in California. The Burger Village adage to “eat organic, live healthy” is also a mantra for the majority of the members of western coast diners.”

The Burger Village menu proposals USDA licensed organic hamburgers and tropical fleshes( such as bison, elk and boar ), salads, wrappings, fresh slashed fries, onion doughnuts, organic milkshakes and sodas, organic brews and wine-coloreds, desserts, gluten-free and vegan options, and other natural foods. The Brand Ambassador for the series is football All-American, Prince Amukamara, cornerback of the Chicago Bears of the National Football league( NFL ). Amukamara is both a fan and an investor, with plans to open his own Burger Village right in the coming year.

As a steadfast purchaser in their Park Slope Brooklyn site, Amukamara was a fan of the meat at Burger Village, but also admired the road the brothers did business and their strong home appreciates. “At Burger Village, they believe in organic in such a way that benefits the consumer and the planet.” The NFL star adds, “Burger Village products come from raises and dairies that are mostly pedigree owned and operated. The livestock and induces are nourished and cared for naturally and humanely.” He supplements, “Burger Village has made an American staple, the burger, and built it guilt-free, good for you, and good for the environment.”

Burger Village has teamed with franchise industry expert, Gary Occhiogrosso, the founder of Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC, to expand the turnkey Burger Village rapidly informal QSR( immediate assistance restaurant) business framework from eleven( 11) in 2019 to twenty-five( 25) locations by 2021. Burger Village franchises are currently available in most domains nationwide.

Mr. Occhiogrosso has over 30 years’ knowledge in dealership development and sales and was integral to the success of nationally distinguished brands including Ranch* 1, Desert Moon Fresh Mexican Grille, and brands found under the multi-brand franchisor, TRUFOODS, LLC.

New York Phenomenon, Burger Village, Expands to West Coast

About Burger Village

Burger Village is an all-natural, hormone-free burger perception that uses fresh and organic ingredients to appoint nutrition-rich meals for active consumers who want to eat well when dining out. From six locatings in New York and 5 in California, Burger Village has grown into a distinguished life brand that mixes the growing trend toward clean-living and healthy dining with a socially responsible business model.

About Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC

Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC is a strategic planning, right evolution and sales organization offering dealership auctions, label perception and proliferation, strategic planning, real estate and architectural change, marketer control, lead generation, and announce, marketing, and PR including social media. Franchise Growth Solutions’ proven” Coach, Mentor& Grow( r )” plan leans both franchisors and potential franchisees on the fast track to raise. Body in Franchise Growth Solutions’ purchaser portfolio is by recommendation only.

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