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Background: I have endometriosis. It effects bloating and can cause some bowel awkwardnes. From November 2018 to mid-January 2019, I was vomiting 3-4 ages a morning with ghastly, severe nausea. GI thought it could be Celiac, and I was scoped in December. No indicates of Celiac.

In mid-January 2019, during one horrendous bout of nausea where I actually couldn’t stop puke, I went to the ER and the PA diagnosed me with cannabinoid hyperemesis illnes. I stopped medical smoke and the upchuck eventually discontinued. Everyone in “peoples lives” was skeptical about the diagnosis, but my puking and nausea really terminated after ceasing cannabis.

I’ve noticed my internal paws, outer wrists and internal wrists itch like crazy after devouring particular nutrients( today it was a cookie) but I don’t get a “rash.” I’m constantly bloated and underweight( I lost 15 lbs randomly in November, before the upchuck charms started .) I too get migraines.

I had a GI visit Wednesday and I’m getting a colonoscopy to rule out things for my upcoming see to an endometriosis specialist( endo material can attach to bowels, colon, etc .) I’ve already well underway dairy-free( physician recommended, approved) since August and I’m a vegetarian. FODMAP was fantastically limiting for me, an underweight person with a small frame.

I was also diagnosed with IBS due to my lower GI issues and spastic bowel/ colon pain. My GI recommended starting off gluten for 6 weeks after the colonoscopy to see if it helps with the bloating, etc. My GP also advised trying a gluten free diet.

Is this how a “gluten intolerance” is estimated? I’ll be honest – I used to think gluten antipathy was a knot of BS( I’m sorry) because I knew a cluster of people who departed gluten free without physician supervision for amusing or for a fad diet( and it seemed like it had no effect or they ceased up gaining more heavines) that took apart bountiful GF alternatives from people living with Celiac but it turns out it’s an actual thing.

I’m likewise looking to assess if anyone else out here in the GF community has endometriosis or a same gynecological malady who has received obtained from a doctor-advised GF diet. After the 6 week trouble, will they do a blood exam or something to compare to my previous blood tests or is it on an “how the patient feels basis”? I’m absolutely clueless and never remembered I’d have to explore the GF world, but now the administration is! Thanks for reading.

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