Koko Dairy Free has just propelled a brand-new super milk, parcelled with even more nutrients.

Koko Dairy Free Super

Koko Dairy Free has just propelled a new super milk, bundled with even more nutrients. The Koko team worked in consultation with expert dietitians and makes to make this new, unique and innovative product.

Koko Dairy Free Super is rich with nine key vitamins and minerals. The nutritionally boosted contents include potassium, zinc, cast-iron, magnesium, phosphorous, embed protein and balanced embed fats.

It’s low in carbohydrate extremely. With a milky, full-bodied flavour, Koko Dairy Free Super is perfect in smoothies and weakens, on cereal or experienced straight-from-the-shoulder from the glass all on its own.

Priced at PS2 for a 1-litre battalion, you can check out this super milk at www.kokodairyfree.com

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