Discover 2019 ’s hottest vegan trends in the latest issue of Vegan Food& Living.

Vegan Food & Living March 2019

While jackfruit is taking the world by whirlwind and different selections of mushroom are gradually making their path onto our supermarket shelves, we indicate you how to meet the most of 2019 ’s hottest vegan the progress and ingredients in our March issue of Vegan Food& Living. From our pulled jackfruit shawarma move sun to Dirty Vegan Matt Pritchard’s Korean sticky sprouts and fried tempeh sambal, you’ll be curdled for choice.

Also this issue, we help you make your DIY skills to the next level with ushers to drawing your own vegan cheese, embed milks and even eco-friendly cleansing produces!

We likewise testify you how to tackle all those faults becoming round at the moment with the best flu-busting ingredients, give your nerve state a boost with savory probiotic potions and discuss where we should suck the line when it comes to non-vegan medications. On the subject of ethical debates, we also ask the question: how vegan is vegan fairly?

Plus, find out how to give your home decoration a makeover, vegan-style, take a foodie expedition of Pittsburgh and find out all about patties flour with Sara Kidd.

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