( Rant) I was diagnosed with celiac in May of 2015 and have poked to a gluten free nutrition every since. I’ve had the occasional “unintentional going glutened” happen, but other than that, I don’t chisel. I eat at restaurants I trust( on a limited basis ), cook a lot for myself, escape processed foods( cuz sometimes it’s just easier to construct things so you know what goes in them ), and always mark I have celiac wherever I go and the severity of needing to be gluten free. I feel like I make a lot of relinquishes in not snacking a lot of what the regular population eats….but I digress.

My entire youngster/ adult life, I’ve contended with acne. I’m now 28( 29 in two weeks ), and it merely seems to be getting worse – that jawline/ cheek acne that’s apparently came as a result of hormones. My fiance and I are getting married in October and I decided I wanted to try and sort my skin out for the wedding, so I went to a medical aesthetics clinic( envisage the people who do Botox and fillers and laser cares) because walk-in physicians always really give me substance that dries out my face( once on Birth Control to try and settle the hormones ). I figured these people would know mints about what commodities will help and have recommendations that weren’t necessarily medication. First thing they suggested to me: stop eating grains that turn into sugar( AKA rice ), because sugar feeds acne bacteria.

Rice is 90% of the cereals that I feed, because it’s in almost everything gluten free: crackers, eats, pastas, pizzas, etc. I once don’t chew this is something that gf bread and pasta because it’s expensive and not worth it. You know what’s not expensive and what I actually love? Rice. So now I’m not supposed to eat rice…or any other cereal posing as sugar. Do I not limit my diet fairly? Am I supposed to go full Keto? I have already developed an anxiety around nutrient and now I’m supposed to limit my diet even more?

Am I the only person who is dealing with skin issues like this affix diagnosis and gluten free diet? Please tell me I’m not alone! Sorry for the rant, I’m sordid right now and feeling SUPER sorry for myself.

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