Gregg’s vegan sausage roll has proved so popular with purchasers that the high-street bakery series has now confirmed it will be flattened out nationwide from next month.

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High-street bakery Gregg’s vegan sausage roller has proved so favourite with vegans and non-vegans alike( with the exception of Piers Morgan !) that the bakery bond will be flattening the product out to over 1,950 storages across the UK.

Gregg’s long-awaited vegan sausage flatten rapidly became the company’s fastest selling start in more than six years old after it was initially went out in over 900 accumulates in January.

However, it has proved so favourite with vegans and non-vegans alike( with certain exceptions of Piers Morgan who pretended to throw up on Tv after trying the brand-new vegan offering) that the order has now proved the sausage bun will be making its room to all 1,950 Gregg’s accumulations across the UK from on March 8.

The vegan sausage roller has been in such high demand that many storages have been selling out long before lunchtime. In a order to help customers eschew frustration the bakery series has introduced a handy’ Vegan Sausage Roll Locator‘ that customers can use to check the stock in their neighbourhood store.

Discussing the success of the vegan sausage reel and the possibility of a national rollout shortly after its launch, CEO Roger Whiteside said: “We launched it in 900 stores. But with all the hype smothering it, it sold out straight away and we have 900 stores who didn’t get it who are screaming out for it, so we are shooting our fanny coming accessibility running.

“We didn’t know if it would sell or not. Now we know it’s selling out it is imperative to get it out there. The priority is to get wise into existing browses, and then the other shops who didn’t get onto will get it. We are pulling out all the stops to get it out there as rapidly as possible.”

The vegan sausage reel will be available in all Gregg’s places from March 8th.

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