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What can you do to support a healthy nature? In this interview, at the PHC conference 2018 in London, technologist Ivor Cummins asks cardiologist Dr. Scott Murray all the essential questions about nerve health, such as nutrition, healthy overweights, exert and more. Transcript Ivor Cummins: So if you think about the healthful solids and you’re right, the population has been indoctrinated and kind of indoctrinated for 50 times that fat is poor, so perhaps “weve been able” list out a few less contentious health paunches and then some the hell is perhaps borderline. So what are the genuine health overweights that the world is beginning to realize are -?

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Dr. Scott Murray: I think it’s going to be a worldwide avocado shortfall soon. So we want people to be thinking about monounsaturated fatty acids and if they are going to have polyunsaturated fatty acids, then sources of Omega-3. So I have a slide in my talk where we are looking at the health benefits of food in certain areas in the world ,… [ Read More …]

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