Online fashion retailer Boohoo has just grow the first major pattern retailer to commit to banning sales of produces containing coat thanks to the outraging brutality sheep suffer in the wool manufacture.

boohoo bans wool

Online fashion retailer Boohoo had now become the first great mode retailer the ban the sale of produces containing wool after PETA informed Boohoo Group about the truth behind the shocking and systemic callousnes suffered by swine at the mitts of the woolen industry.

The Manchester-based group constructed the decision following a PETA Asia eyewitness investigation of the Scottish woolen manufacture, which substantiated that farmers struck panic-stricken sheep in the face and that shearers hurled their intelligences into wooden storeys, stamped and stood on their cervixes, and shed them off shearing trailers.

The fashion giant, whose firebrands include Boohoo, BoohooMan, Pretty Little Thing and Nasty Gal, has confirmed that from Autumn/ Winter 2019, it will “no longer knowingly beginning any wool products”.

” PETA is toasting Boohoo group’s compassionate, business-savvy have also decided to scrap hair ,” says PETA’s director of corporate jobs, Yvonne Taylor.

” Kind buyers agree that no jersey or scarf is worth kicking, punching, and killing gentle sheep on the shearing floor, and we’re pushing other retailers to follow Boohoo’s forward-thinking lesson .”


Boohoo was recently told by the Advertising Standards Agency( ASA) after evaluations conducted by animal liberties donation Humane Society International( HSI) located a jumper exchanged by the online style retailer contained real fur that it believed to be rabbit fur.

According to Boohoo, the company received such jumpers from a supplier who was “aware of Boohoo’s commitment against sales of real hair and had signed potential suppliers acknowledgement constitute has undertaken to not rendering makes containing real fur”. Boohoo also claimed that it had assignment its quality command team to inspect a proportion of its asset that contained faux fur.

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