The UK’s firstly all-vegan cheesemonger is opening in London today.

vegan cheesemonger london

Vegan cheese had entered into its own in the past few years with more options available for dairy-avoiders than ever before. Even supermarkets have been going in on specific actions with the launch of their own strays of vegan cheese in stores.

Until now the UK has not had a dedicated vegan cheesemonger, but Welsh sisters Charlotte and Rachel Stevens are keen to remove the stigma circumventing vegan cheese and showcase it in all its splendor by opening their own all-vegan cheese supermarket in London.

Opening today( February 8th) in Brixton Village, La Fauxmagerie will stock a broad range of artisan vegan cheese from the likes of Kinda Co ., Tyne Chease, I Am Nut OK and Black Arts Vegan.

The store will likewise be exchanging a luscious selection of crackers, basks and chutneys and meat to accompany the cheese to give purchasers the full vegan cheeseboard experience.

vegan cheesemonger london

Speaking to regional bulletin channel Brixton Buzz, Co-Founder Charlotte said:” We’re so pleased to be wreaking the first ever plant-based cheesemonger to the UK. As someone who is conscious about moving ethical dietary selects and also suffers with lactose intolerance, I’ve knew first entrust the difficulty in spotting a dairy alternative that is adequate in both aromas and composition .”

Adding to her sisters observations, Rachel stated:” Our purport with La Fauxmagerie is to accompanying “the worlds largest” luscious cheese together in one locate, so that those travelling dairy-free needn’t accommodation on flavors nor variety.

” Historically, vegan cheeses have been seen as unwanted alternatives to their dairy equivalents; La Fauxmagerie aims to challenge that impression by stocking artisanal vegan cheeses that are truly savory in their own .”

Find La Fauxmagerie at Unit 71, 4th Avenue, Brixton Village, London, SW9 8P S.

Image credit: La Fauxmagerie

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