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Alan had several health matters and had been overweight for years. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and by coincidence, he found the Diet Doctor website and the keto diet:

Before I saw keto and Diet Doctor, I had years in listless limbo , not feeling good about myself, unwell, incompetent and feeling age was get the very best of me. I retired from my lifelong fury of martial arts after over 45 years of study( 6th Dan) because I felt feeble practice while is just so overweight. After 5 year in this regime, I was officially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, very high blood sugars. I looked at the UK Diabetes association, and I had a clinical wet-nurse to monitor my situation, putting me on the usual nutritions and metformin and other drugs. By possibility investigate, I find Diet Doctor. Convinced by the articles and videos on the website, the rest is history. In nine months, I departed from a 46 ” waist to 36 ”, and 70 -8 4 pounds( 32 -3 8 kilos) of weight loss. From feeling sleepy to…[ Read More …]

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