“This is why we do this.”

When I discovered Jennifer’s story, I knew I had to share it.

She’s a member of the Nerd Fitness community who for years contended with things most of us can relate to 😛 TAGEND

Seeking solace in sugary meat and booze. A need of energy and all around feeling of fatigue. An compulsive eating as a girl that appointed an unhealthy liaison with meat. Not knowing her next pace towards a healthier lifestyle.

Jennifer concluded herself stuck in this decoration until rock bottom presented itself: divorce.

When bad times ten-strike, it becomes easy to pass significantly into bad dress and weakness.

Jennifer knew this and recognise she had to turn their own lives around.

Six months ago, she did just that.

Today, Jennifer adoration backbone training courses and is the strongest she’s ever been. She changed her notions on menu and nutrition and was greater daunted by the kitchen. Jennifer recently completed her first 8k, something she couldn’t have dreamed of doing before.

And oh, Jennifer just came back from an epic photography journey where her new observed staman and concentration allowed her to hike ridges to capture some awful shoots 😛 TAGEND

That’s her!

I’m status that Jennifer has been a member of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching platform since August, and has squandered our counseling to level up her life!

While strength training and getting cozy in the kitchen are important, the real success for Jennifer has been with her mindset. She knows she can’t change everything at once and is working one small change to spring into another change and then another, working each as a stepping stone to the next.

This new frame of mind is something we can all learn lessons from.

It’s how Jennifer was able to transform so quickly and lose 20 pounds in a healthful, sustainable way. While it seems like changing everything at once is the quickest lane to success, it’s often too stressful and thus abandoned.

However, if you do what Jennifer did, and start with one simple-minded practice like a nutrient gazette- it can start improving other parts of your life too.

You don’t need to hear it from me though…

Let’s bring in Jennifer!


STEVE: Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for taking the time to chit-chat with me.

I’d love to hear from you about your past- are you able describe a normal period for you before you met NF Coaching?

JENNIFER: My day was nice random, with no real laid schedule. It would be hard for me to get up in the morning, and then I’d have an harmful breakfast- the American South is full of delicious things like biscuits and fried meat. Subsequently in the day, I’d often find myself needing to take a long catnap.

Looking back, I did not have any kind of mounted schedule and spend my periods with a foggy intelligence and zero vigor.

STEVE: I listen ya. A super carb ponderous and sugary breakfast can send your blood sugar on a rollercoaster for the day. Sometimes a nap is the only way off of it.

What changed? What procreated you invest in yourself by participating Nerd Fitness Coaching last time?

JENNIFER: I had a really horrific divorce and stumble an all hour low-pitched. I moved out of my home in Seattle, WA, back to my hometown in North Carolina. Sometimes you just have to escape your surroundings.

I procured myself comforting with sugary meat and booze. You know, absolutely healthful antidepressants.

This really began to take a toll on my body.

I had a moment of clarity then, as I realise I only didn’t have enough learning or drive to make changes on my own. I’m a protagonist in the “spoon theory, ” which is a allegory you see around the internet, which helps explain the limited quantity of energy we face.

Imagine having twelve spoonfuls handed to you each morning. Every exercise or difficult situation takes a spoon from you. Often at the end of the day, you have no more “spoons” to give.

I knew I’d be much more successful with a procedure that didn’t require any “spoons” to get to the gym. Instead, I could just began with workouts from dwelling.

It was right about then I decided to give the Nerd Fitness Coaching platform a try. I decided I wanted to be told exactly what to do, which again would require less “spoons” from me.

STEVE: I desire the analogy of “spoons! ” We’ve talked here in the past that willpower can be a finite aid for many. By the end of the day, you really can precisely be drained. Our doctrine on the subject coincides your thoughts on spoonful hypothesi. That’s why we always encourage people to design systems that have the least extent of friction and necessitate the least sum of willpower, or “spoons.”

I’m glad you recognise this and wanted to create a system where you could start working out from dwelling. You can thrive the practice into a gym number( or not) afterwards. The important thing is feeling a system that allows you to start TODAY.

You’ve been with manager Evan now for six months. Can you talk to me a little bit about what he had you do?

JENNIFER: Evan started me out exactly weighing calories, learning about the foods I feed, and coming been applied to comfortably logging my meals.

I had an eating disorder as a girl. Hyper-focusing on everything I was dining and logging it all was genuinely starting to trigger a lot of tension and bad recognitions in the beginning.

But I told Evan all of this at our first join and he has been very good about curing me completely turn my perspective around about tracking my dinners. He told me not to have any conviction about what I was snacking, and to deem these best practices as a scientist collecting data.

That perspective helped( Steve’s memorandum: chase! Science governs !)

For exercise, Evan started me out merely taking a walk every day, followed shortly by some basic bodyweight utilizations. At first, these were really tough, because I was really out of shape to start. I’d dissolve most sessions a sweaty wearied mess on the floor.

Then Evan added in more boob usages( I have a small set at home and acquired a workbench from my family) and I instant fell in love to those used workouts! Evan constituted sure to include more of those into my routine as well.

STEVE: That’s huge to hear Jennifer. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of strength educate.

What’s your routine like now? What else is Evan having you do?

JENNIFER: 5 months in, I’m even more of an enthusiastic baby-walker. I go daily, sometimes over 5 miles, or sometimes shorter if my tread friends bail on me.

Total snowflakes( j/ k, I love you guys ).

I do strength teach 3 days per week with a combination of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises.

We exactly acquainted some yoga routines to both help with stress easing and to support the activities related to elongate and mobility. I have had some issues with cranky muscles and braces on occasion, which yoga is curing with.

The whole suffer has been crazy to me.

I’ve gotten to the point where I enjoy some kind of physical task every day of the week.

And came IN LOVE with lifting forces.

It is damn fulfilling to encounter myself becoming a chick with “guns.”

At this part, I have bigger biceps than my father and friend, haha. I am adoring every second of that. It feels so good to be strong and be able to handle things on my own.

As a female, that is even more important to me because society is pretty much designed around said today wives that we can’t be strong enough and we cannot do things on our own. I am fed up with that racial stereotype!

As an aside, prior to joining NF Coaching, I was immensely inspired by Staci’s story and translation. I like to think I’m following in her footsteps.

STEVE: Yes! I adoration it. I think everyone should follow a strong set rehearse: soldier, maid, juvenile, grandparent, self-aware robot … all of them! I’m really glad you encountered this new fervour.

Also, I’m glad you found inspiration from Staci! Many a rebel around here have also changed their lives after reading about Staci.

You sent over some formidable pics of a recent journey in Scotland. Can you talk to me a little bit about that?

JENNIFER: It was my goal in 2018 to do a hiking trip-up in Scotland. With Evan’s help, I got enough fortitude and tenacity to do precisely that!

I went on a photography workshop on the Isle of Skye and ended the most difficult hike I have ever done up to a rock formation called the Old person of Storr. It was one of the proudest instants of “peoples lives”. I couldn’t have done it without Evan’s help. So I am relatively grateful.

I wanted to be able to do the mountain hikes with all my heavy camera paraphernalium on my back, without being assigned to the group of folks who couldn’t do just as much. I knew I was in no figure to do it originally.

However, Evan and I established a design, performed it, and spurt! Up the mountain I disappeared.

I can do so many cool things with my figure that I wasn’t able to do 5 months ago! I ability sauntered my first 8k a few months after beginning with the Evan. It was hard but I had improved the endurance from walking every single daylight before it.

STEVE: I think it’s so great that you worked towards a point and then punched it. I often encourage people to try and build up persuasivenes for an happening. Something like a marathon, a ski tour, or in your speciman a photography workshop on the top of a elevation.

It gives you something to shoot for, something to motivate you to work out when it seems so much easier to bounce it. I’m glad you developed a objective for yourself, made a programme with your coach-and-four, and then nailed it!

Your physical appearance has changed. What else has changed about you?

JENNIFER: I’ve had gigantic some progress in my posture which I think in turn has improved my self-confidence.

There’s something about standing straight and tall with your shoulders back that induces “youre feeling” a little bit like a badass. Person that we are able to overcome anything the working day will throw at you.

I’ve too combated recession for most of my adult life. And while it by no means is dried, the severity of it has been reduced by the daily physical act and improved nutrition.

All around, today I have the general ability to do more things because I have more power and focus than I used to.

I still have dates when I get overly stressed out and exit a little bit off the rails with my nutrition and do harmful choices. Nonetheless, I realize Nerd Fitness for the “never twice in a row” mindset. It stops me from feeling like an utter los if I have a day with too much pizza or luscious cake or something. I just know the next day, it’s duration in order to be allowed to get back on track.

STEVE: That’s so cool! I’m fortunate “never twice in a row” reverberated with you. I think it’s an important implement for preventing bad dress from developing. When parties slip up( and we all slip up ), it can become so easy to continue. Having a motto that stops this trend from continuing is a game-changer. I’m proud of you Jennifer.

You mentioned a need to adjust your relationship with food. Can you talk to me a little bit about that? What’s your nutrition programme like now?

JENNIFER: I’m proud to say I’ve changed my relationship with nutrient. I’ve always applied meat as a consolation. Knowing this, I was really nervous about even merely logging my food. Appearing back though, it was such an important first step.

Tracking everything I was devouring was eye-opening.

It helped me meet what I was putting into my person, which gave me more confidence and courage in the kitchen. As of today, I’ve subdued cooking all kinds of meat, founds healthful recipes I experience, and am beginning to work on meal prep. Evan has a strategy for me to plan ahead on menu prep.

Healthy dining truly has been a game changer. I am much more clear-headed today than I was six months ago, and I ascribe nutrition as a huge reason why.

I don’t really follow Paleo or anything like that.

Coach Evan has introduced me more into a “If It Fits Your Macros” style of eating. He certainly hammered in the had considered that I had to eat protein with every dinner.

I’ve likewise drastically reduced my sugar and booze intake, although I’ll still indulges now and then. Disappearing back to “If It Fits Your Macros, ” if I know I’m going to be munching dessert or having some sucks, I’ll plan for it and abbreviate my calories and carbs beforehand. Again though, I’m doing this less and less. I actually favor healthier nutrients now, to be honest.

STEVE: That’s huge to hear you say that. We now at Nerd Fitness continuously remind everyone that 80 -9 0% of the weight loss comes down to nutrition. Not exclusively that, but REAL food really impels you feel better. Which will give you more energy to workout. I’m glad that Evan has helped you visualize a plate of meat differently.

What are you still working on? What new practices are you trying to develop?

JENNIFER: I am still demonstrating a attached number for sleeping and waking up, which is definitely something that has been a struggle to do. I have attended betters though.

I’ve developed a pretty solid breakfast number, prioritizing protein. Oftentimes it’ll be curd cheese, which I never recognized I’d like!

I likewise have a glass of spray upon waking up, which has been a good change.

Earlier I mentioned I started doing yoga. I’m experimenting with doing it first thing in the morning.

My biggest challenge for creating a successful morning routine is going to bed on time. I would say this is still a work in progress. One dres at a time.

STEVE: Get to berthed on time are likely to be such a critical step. I’ve fought with has become a “morning being” myself, but it really is worth engaging the programme. Keep at it, Jennifer!

Do you have any words of advice for somebody who hasn’t invested in any curriculum and can’t seem to make any progress?

JENNIFER: Don’t fall into the perfectionistic trap that I did and feel like you have to do ALL the things at once or you are a complete failure. No human can dive into deep water before learning to swim.

Trying to do that is like taking a starter attribute in World of Warcraft and manager straight-shooting to a high-level vault: you’ll get stomped.

If you cannot commit to a program or feel overwhelmed that’s altogether okay. Start big. Pick a small change and stick to that and build onto that routine once you’ve get comfortable. This mode you slowly mold yourself into the person you want to be.

I loved RPGs and grew up during the course of its NES and SNES era and construct good habits and get health feels precisely like those plays in a way. You don’t start at level 99,999 doing max damage to everything. You level up from the beginning and amplification spells and abilities along the way and your reputation gradually evolves into the one you miss it to be.

I guess the Nerd Fitness “Level Up Your Life” motto is improbably accurate.

Great change is made by attaining countless smaller changes. And you’re so much less likely to become prevented and time rage-quit if you go about get changed way.

STEVE: That’s shocking Jennifer. You nailed the whole ideology on “Level Up Your Life.” Start big, and before you know it you’re a top-level mage slaying dragons with sparkler sorceries. Or in your action, clambering up mountains.

Alright, one last question: you’ve already applied some of our lingo, but what becomes you a nerd?

JENNIFER: I consider myself a multi-dimensional geek! If that’s not a word I am deeming it thus. I’ve affection video games since I was very small. Desired all the NES and Mario recreations, as well as the Zelda series and RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series.

I’ve dallied World of Warcraft with an terrifying fraternity of all women for over 10 times.

Shout out to Daughters of the Alliance!

Comics are also a love. My ultimate favourite is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, and pretty much anything else he or David Mack have been involved in. I pretty much love all things nerdy.

STEVE: I do desire me some Neil Gaiman very- I actually have Vol 1 of Sandman sitting on my coffee table! Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Jennifer! All the best!


In speaking with Jennifer, I realized she had a few enormous traits which helped her supplant.

Lots of beings embark on a fitness jaunt. Unfortunately, many of them are exactly where they started six months later.

Jennifer is different. In half a year, she’s changed her relationship with food, begun fortitude grooming, and has made an epic journey.

After a rough patch, she used punching rock bottom to turn her life around.

In speaking with her, and analyzing her choices and decisions, I think there are six characteristics that determine Jennifer apart.

Here’s what we can learn from Jennifer’s success 😛 TAGEND


I love Jennifer’s “spoon” analogy. She knew she only had so much better vitality, exclusively so much willpower, to get things done. So she sought a organisation that would require the least quantity from her 😛 TAGEND

Instead of buying a gym body she would never use, she started working out from her residence.

Jennifer started with simple bodyweight rehearsals, a solid strategy to build momentum

Once she got a little more cozy from working out at home, she starting abusing dumbbells and a bench press that she had access to. Again, all from home.

Working out and going to the gym are not tied together. If “youve had” limited know-how and/ or incitement, start by doing simple-minded bodyweight practises at home. This is what Jennifer did!

Second, know that working out gives you more vigor. Which can help give you more willpower. Which can help you embark on other habits like cook or meal prep.

If you want to foreman to a gym for utilization, enormous! I do. However, if you have a hard time motivating yourself to leave the house, it doesn’t “mustve been” the only option.

Starting small-scale requires less firmnes, which can help utter your activities more likely to become routine.


Continuing on the theme of restriction willpower, Jennifer knew she needed to do things differently. She saw herself with vicious attires that needed to be changed.

Doing it alone seemed hopeless. It was hard enough for Jennifer to get out of bottom and face the day. She knew that creating a intention and then persisting with it would require a lot of energy. Energy and willpower she was already having trouble coming up with.

So she asked for help. Jennifer demanded “Someone in MY corner to help clap me on and leader me into a better action of living.” I’m proud of the fact that she contacted out to us for that someone, and that she made a connection with her NF Coach, Evan.

It’s okay to ask for help! Knowing “what were doing”, how to do it, and how to tell if it’s use requires a lot of energy. Some can do it alone. But countless can’t. Inviting for help, and then being willing to invest in that assistance can be a life-changing decision. Jennifer knew this and was willing to make the pace to hire someone to create a programme and help her implement it.

I’ve had an online coach myself for four years and it has changed my life.


I love that Jennifer contrived a photography shop in Scotland that required some physical concentration and endurance. Hiking up a mountain with camera equipment isn’t easy, and Jennifer knew she’d have to civilize if she was going to make it.

So she asked for help, developed a plan on how to do it, and followed the contrive. And thunder! She was able to hike up her equipment for her class.

Having a goal threw Jennifer her “Big Why.”

When Jennifer started entering her nutrient, it held her tension. When she firstly started working out, she would be wearied. When her saunter sidekicks bailed on her, she went anyway.

Jennifer did these things because she knew they were part of a project designed to get her up the Old person of Storr in Scotland. Without doing the drudgery, she would never get to the top. She would have to be part of the group that poked to the sidelines.

Having a destination can provide the “Big Why.” When things get tough( and they will get tough ), knowing “why” you are working hard can make all the difference.

Perhaps you want to go skiing with your kids and don’t is intended to be exhausted halfway through. Maybe there’s a marathon your friends are doing, and you want to go with them. Perhaps it’s rehearsing pull-ups so you can go tag along with your marriage who loves rock climbing.

Having a “Big Why” can be the key to offsetting or cracking a fitness expedition. And what happens when you are assassinate a dragon? You run find a bigger dragon!


Jennifer began with two small dress that most people can start today 😛 TAGEND

Jennifer started entering her menu. Jennifer started taking a daily tread.

We often advise parties to pick a small attire they can imagine protruding with permanently. Formerly this becomes part of a normal chore, they can think it is right picking another.

This can be better than planning on “Going full Paleo, start rock climbing, and beginning a ballroom dancing practice.” If you don’t do any of these things currently, it could be very tough to start doing them all at once.

And we all know temporary changes produce temporary arises. We miss upshots that last!

That’s why Coach Evan had Jennifer start with small change she could actually sustain.

For nutrition changes, Evan only had Jennifer track her menu.

No judgment. No “eat this , not that.”

Just a enter of everything she was depleting. Formerly Jennifer get comfy doing this, and only once Jennifer grew pleasant doing this, did Evan start to make recommendations for adjustments.

Jennifer also started small-scale with usages: just a saunter.

Walking is a great start for a fitness travel( it’s too a great lane to get to Mordor ). It’ll get your heart rate up and your muscles moving, and it’s something you can do around your place. Even time a five-minute move is a great start. Once you get in the habit of that, you can procreate take it to 10 minutes or even a full mile. If “were starting” this direction, eventually you can be like Jennifer and pulverize miles each and every day.

After you get in the habit of wander, you are able to should be changed to picking up some weights every other date. The habit of accompanying is easy to adapt to another practise tradition, like concentration train.

“Instead of my 2pm foot, it’s now my 2pm bench press time.”

Be like Jennifer and start big. Once the habit is built, you can work to grow it from there.


It imparted a smile to my face when I listened Jennifer say “never two in a row.”

It’s a great frame of mind to keep.

Things will come up. You will miss a workout. You will have some beers and eat pizza. You will sleep in and miss your sauntering groups AM meeting. Your kid will get sick.

When you miss these things commonly, you start establishing bad wonts. And what the hell are you do most of the time is how you create a healthful life.

Missing one exercising is okay. Missing two is bad because then it’s really easy to miss three.

Eating pizza is fine. But “once and a while” is rapidly become an “everyday” thing. Continue this for too long and then you’re just living off pizza!

“Never two in a row” provides a framework for establishing sure bad attires don’t develop 😛 TAGEND

“If I miss today’s exercising, there is no I’m missing tomorrow’s.” “If I dine pizza tonight, it’s eggs and a little of fruit in the morning.”

Create a mindset of stopping these things before they get out of side. Be like Jennifer and create a plan on what to do when you inescapable stray from the direction.


Jennifer considers herself a work in progress. When you think about it, we’re all works in progress! She knows this. But she is having fun now, which utters the working day ahead seem sustainable.

We are not on a month-long travel. We are in this for the rest of our lives. To make sure we stick with it, we need to have fun! And as I say in this video: we stop envisioning to its implementation of “weeks and months, ” and instead start envisaging to its implementation of “days and years”

Jennifer legitimately adores strong exercise. You can tell she’s looking forward to one day doing pull-ups.

Jennifer likes munching healthful food and cherishes how much exertion she derives from those meals.

My favorite proportion: she examines where she’s at as an experiment. She spotlit this when she talks about her morning routine and yoga. She’s still not sure how to get the AM just right and thinks a little yoga in the morning were gonna help. She’ll try it to see if it labours. If it doesn’t, she’ll try something else.


All of us will hit hard smudges in life.

Maybe it’s losing a task. Perhaps it’s a sick own family members. Or a child that’s contending in school.

For Jennifer, it was a terrible divorce. At first, she coped in accordance with the rules many of us cope: nutrient and alcohol.

Jennifer decided this couldn’t continue. So she sought cure. And in six months time, Jennifer has leveled up her life. She can engage her obsession for photography and not be afraid of the literal mountain ahead. She knows the shot at the top of the soar, is not worth noting, but doable.

Where will you be six months from now?

It’s enough time to build some great healthy wonts as Jennifer did. Nonetheless, it’s too a short enough time which can fly by if you’re not looking.

If you’re standing in the same place “youre ever” six months ago, think about what you can learn from Jennifer 😛 TAGEND

Don’t will vary depending on willpower, build plans. Make the line of least resistance. Instead of starting with an hour-long workout curriculum at the gym, start with employs you can do at home. Ask of providing assistance. You are not the first person who has tried to get fit. It’s okay to reach out to those who’ve had success, or those who have helped others. You don’t have to do this alone. Have a purpose. A “Big Why” can be critical when things get tough. When everyone is requiring pizza, or the gym seems so far away, having a goal can help you recollect why you are putting in all the creation. Start small-scale. Don’t try and change every aspect of your life tomorrow. Some can handle this approach, but most can’t. Endorse one attire you can see yourself poking with and germinate it from there. Contrive for downfall. Things will come up. Having a motto like “never two in a row” can help prevent one speciman of a slip up into turning into a reoccurring attire.

Have fun. Going fit is not a 30 -day experiment. It really is about a lifestyle. Pick and choose things you have fun doing. This will help ensure your new dress are sustainable.

If you relate to Jennifer and find yourself in a tough spot, we can help you turn it around.

Depending on your current situation, our 1-on-1 NF Coaching Program might be just what you need. We help people daily complete life shakeup.

If you’re trying to get in shape, searching for a brand-new room of eating, or crave help developing a strength set rehearsal, we know exactly how to get you there. You can learn more by clicking on the big casket below and scheduling a free request with our unit!

The next six months will come and go no matter what you do today.

I’d desire it if half a year from now, “youre telling me” Jennifer’s story was something you related to. Which caused “youve got to” represent some changes.

You started treading every day. You began a meat gazette. You finally decided to ask for help.

As ever, if you do need somewhere to go for help, you are familiar Nerd Fitness will be here.

For the Rebellion!


PS: I want to give a special shout out to Jennifer’s Coach Evan, who has been the Dumbledore to her Hermione over these past 6 months. And I’m proud of Jennifer’s success and can’t wait to see what she does next.

If you are somebody that wants to have your own Yoda guiding you in the ways of the Force, check out or 1-on-1 coaching planned, and I could be sharing YOUR story six months from now!

PPS: Speaking of success stories…If you’ve had success with any aspect of Nerd Fitness, whether it’s our free workouts, Academy, or Coaching, email us! Send your fib to contact( at) NerdFitness( dot) com and cause us know so we can share your undertaking with the galaxy!

PPPS: We are very grateful to Adam Bulley, Paul Marshall, and David Roby, who some of the epic fires of Jennifer for this article!