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Todd was overweight and his diabetes was out of control with progressive side effects. Todd and his wife became inspired by two of their friends who had lost a lot of force on a low-carb nutrition. The friends told them about the Diet Doctor site:

Dr. Eenfeldt, I’m writing to thank you for your work! You and your team have been an priceless asset for me and my family on our low-carb wander. Two and a half decades ago, I was diabetic, overweight, and felt awful. And I was overcome. I had believed the lie that diabetes was a chronic, progressive disease and just something that I would have to deal with until I died early from complications. I was sick and losing the battle with diabetes. In March of 2016, my eye doctor have said that I had retinopathy in both hearts, which offended and scared me. A couple of weeks later my A1c came in at 8.3, this while on two oral drugs. The doctor suggested increasing my dosage. And I had a myriad of health issues that I didn’t think was…[ Read More …]

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How the Miller lineage regained their health was primarily announced by Ketogenic Diet