Magnum’s dairy-free, vegan ice creams are now available to purchase in the USA!

vegan magnum usa

Magnum firstly declared the launching of a vegan version of its popular frozen treat into the European market in 2018, and now they’re making their channel from all the regions of the pond to the US in time for summer.

Vegan Magnum’s are available in two savory tones- Magnum Vegan Classic and Magnum Vegan Almond. The dairy-free ice-creams facet vanilla-flavoured pea protein-based ice-cream coated in 70% vegan Belgian chocolate, which is sourced from sustainably-grown Rainforest Alliance cocoa beans.

Leslie Miller, commerce head of ice cream at Unilever, said: “This week we’re thrilled to accompany our next-level chocolate to the vegan and dairy-free market.

“This is our first launch in plant-based indulgence and we can’t wait to share with Magnum ice cream fans.”

Recent years have attended thousands of innovations and vegan makes appearing on supermarket shelves, and one category that has run from concentration to backbone is vegan ice-cream.

Large corporations such as Ben& Jerry’s, Cornetto and Haagen-Dazs who typically meet dairy ice-cream has been successful in grab a scoop of specific actions with the liberation of dairy-free arrays of ice-cream.

Magnum Non-Dairy disallows are now available nationwide from major retailers in the US, with an RRP of $4.99 -5. 49.

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