On September 4, 2018, I acquired the decision to start a keto diet, as of immediately and besides some cheat snacks, a week-long vacation to Mexico, and some extravagance over the holidays, Nick and I have maintained a ketogenic food together since, generally biding between 20 -5 0 grams of carbs/ carbohydrate per period. At the time of writing of this affix, it is February 8, 2019( inducing me five months in and Nick eight months in ). For comment as to where I started and my goals, satisfy read my previous progress check, by clicking on the link below.

First Progress Check( 1/12/ 19) — with past photos for invoke

Yesterday, Nick and I hit up Marshall’s because we desperately needed some new things that fit our improving figures. I desired watching Nick try on men’s size medium shirts with a big smile on his face( he wore sizing XXL merely eight months away ). But my favorite part of the night was taking size 8 jeans into the dressing room and encounter that they were still too big! I made residence a few duets of size 6 jeans/ heaves and was feeling so good. Before keto, I comfortably facilitating their integration into immensity 10. I hope that you consider my progress as a positive thing and use it to cause yourself. I trust all bodies are beautiful and do not believe in torso shaming, but I likewise vehemently said he believed that we have a lot of freedom over our the organizations and should do what we can to move them healthy and glad while looking good along the way. I am a real person with a severe potato addiction but through this process, I have learned to value what I put in my mas so much more. I’m not going to lie and say I never indulge, but every time I do, I recognize that what I’m eating isn’t good for me and won’t better capable me to live my best good life. I appreciate the food I had and then is moving forward, going right back on track! Carbs taste delicious, but feeling happy and healthy feels so much better.

Note: I will do my best to expend “real” photos of myself( not extremely posed or wearing anything super slimming and emphatically not revised ). I will be precise about my load and will not abide any judgement or person shaming, so please, maintain negative commentaries to yourself 😛 TAGEND Pre-Keto Starting Weight


May 2018: Emily at the launching defendant for publication 38 of Crook& Folly, Depaul’s literary magazine, for which I was Editor-in-Chief

Date: June 2018( just before grad-school graduation — age 23)

Weight: 173.8 lbs

We will call this my pre-keto starting heavines, though I officially began the keto diet 3 months later in September.

Lifestyle: Five years into my relationship with Nick& at the hind end of grad-school- three night-classes per week, homework, full-time 9-5 desk enterprise, and Editor-in-Chief of DePaul’s literary magazine, Crook& Folly.

Eating Practices: Highly irregular — largely immediate meals or snacks and ordering in a lot

Five Months Into Keto Diet


February 8, 2019: Emily excitingly trying on a duet of sizing 6 Lucky Brand Ava Crop Jeans at Marshall’s( for note, she started keto at a length 10)

Date: February 8, 2019

Weight: 149.0 lbs — 24.8 lb loss!

Lifestyle: Full-time 9-5 desk hassle — doing an at-home exercising about three days a week

Eating Wonts: Keto — between 20 -5 0 grams of carbs per period — over the past month I had one cheat breakfast( biscuits and gravy) and I cheated on Super Bowl day. Nick and I hosted “states parties ” but had ZERO carby leftovers, so we were able to get back to normal the next day!


My goal weight has remained the same, approximately 135 lbs and these last-place 10 -1 5 lbs will be the hardest. For my height( 5’2 ”) I think that would be a good value for me. I have never been a naturally scrawny girlfriend and I have curves, so I don’t ever investigate myself weighing less than 130 lbs. I need to get that working out three times a week up to at the least five times. Due to the polar whirl in Chicago, our shower was out of commissioning for over a few weeks, so needless to say, working out was not my top priority. Over the next month, I will do my best to get better at this. Hopefully, I stick to it and it makes a difference. We will see how I do!

Thank you for predicting! Feel free to share and explain!

-Emily Natzel