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In this video, we hear from Jade and her battle with epilepsy. Her prescriptions were establishing her so ill that she looked like she was slowly disappearing. One era, she got a phone call; it was her sister who told her to try the keto diet as a medicine for epilepsy. And she did. This is her narration. Transcript Jade Nelson: I had currently had a convulsion and had to switch to a different medication and the medication that I switched to was shaping me extremely ill. I became underweight and I had a stomach gastritis. I kind of was like I was slowly disappearing.

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My name is Jade Nelson and I’m from Austin Texas. I also do some lifestyle coaching, working with people on house self-care plans. I’ve been on a ketogenic food for 2 1/2 years now and that was due to my epilepsy. I’ve applied remedy but up until 2 1/2 decades ago a telephone call changed that, from my little sister. And she said, “Look into the ketogenic diet”. And that…[ Read More …]

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