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256 viewsPeter Ballerstedt has the background and temperament to help us bridge the acquaintance spread between how we feed and foster our animals, and how we feed and cause ourselves! His fascinating legend opens with understanding animal nutrition and food systems, but abruptly transitioned to human nutrition as well after a personal state detection. Since then, he has become a leading expres to promoted a rational and discipline located approaching to ruminant agriculture and how ruminants can save our human health crisis. Table of contents

1:50 Peter’s role in the low-carb macrocosm

4:24 How Peter procured low carb 10:38 The vegan diet and protein 16:04 Is grass-fed flesh actually that important? 27:19 The environmental footprint 37:20 Global bang, sustainability and health — flesh vs. flowers 58:05 Final words

Transcript Dr. Bret Scher: Welcome to the Diet Doctor podcast with Dr. Bret Scher. Today I’m joined by Peter Ballerstedt. Peter is a very unique individual…[ Read More …]

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