I’ve realized 2 different recommended daily the restriction on saturated fatty, but I’m not sure which one to follow.

I’m a mid-2 0′ s man and my aim is to stay relatively fit and eat healthful without subjecting myself to a noticeable increased risk of congestive heart failure, etc. I often gobble 2000 calories a day.

American Heart Association recommends we chew less than 13 g of fatty per day

https :// www.heart.org/ en/ healthy-living/ healthy-eating/ eat-smart/ fats/ saturated-fats

NHS further recommends that souls chew less than 30 g and women little than 20 g per day

https :// www.nhs.uk/ live-well/ eat-well/ different-fats-nutrition /

In recent years, there also seems to be a group of people who meditate saturated flabs don’t certainly cause increased heart disease and that we may not is therefore necessary to stick to these recommended limits.

I’m not sure what to believe and would appreciate assistant figuring that out.

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